Few Medals Won by Marketing in the Chocolate World Cup

Twitter announcement of winner of Chocolate World Cup

The best thing that has happened on Twitter this year (yes I know it’s only 4th January but I still think people will be hard pressed to beat it come December) is Richard Osman’s World Cup of Chocolate #WCOC2016! It started on New Year’s Day with the Group Stages which involved 8 Twitter Polls of 4 chocolate bars each. The … Read More

What Football Clubs can learn from the Corporate World


Since the formation of the Premier League, football has become a true business in its own right. It is 1/5 the size of the Agriculture industry in terms of what it brings to the British economy. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this evolving world where times & experiences are the new consumer goods. However, as clubs have … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is…a Viral Video

VHS Tapes

Anyone who works in Digital Marketing probably just cringed when they read this headline. Two words that you never want to hear in a demand from your superiors or client…viral video. I’ve been asked several times in my career to produce a viral video and my response is the same – a viral video is not a type of video … Read More

Disconnected: The Importance of Mobile


I’ve had a traumatic experience today – my iPhone 6 has inexplicably died. But it has been an important lesson. If ever you have any doubts about the importance of mobile when planning communications, brand platforms or marketing, may I suggest trying to get through a few hours without your phone? I was at a client’s office for meetings this … Read More

What makes a great website?

Woman looking at laptop screen through magnifying glass

I had a conversation with a client this week about a website they are creating. They were worried that it wasn’t interesting or eye catching enough and they felt that they should be doing more. It reminded me of my time at big brands where the senior brand guardians could sometimes review websites through the same lens. It is obviously … Read More

The New Normal & what it means for your business

In this ‘New World’ of digital, there is obviously a focus on blogging about the latest developments, videos, thought pieces etc.  It got me thinking that people who are new to digital or trying to learn more, might miss some of the older stuff that is still just as valuable today.  So I am starting an ‘oldies but goodies’ section … Read More

Facebook introduce News Feed Preferences Tool

Homepage of Facebook News Feed Preferences

Facebook have done a few subtle tweaks to their look and feel over the last few days. Firstly there was the ‘blink and you will miss it’ logo change to make the ‘a’ look more ‘friendly’. Then there was the more significant, in terms of statement of equality if not visually, bringing the woman out of the man’s shadow in … Read More

Out of the Ordinary – Utility Brands Entertain Storytelling

Once upon a time...

There seems to be a trend at the moment for TV adverts which are not instantly recognisable by brand. It reminds me of being a kid when I used to play the game where you shout out the brand before it was mentioned in the ad. Have we come back to this as brands start to consider the impact of … Read More

The timehop Continuum

timehop logo

Is anyone else seeing more timehop pictures in their news feeds on social platforms than current ones? I’m starting to worry how this could affect the universe! It feels a bit like stars that are already dead but continue to shine down to us on earth. Is there a critical mass of past memories that will make us disappear into … Read More

Drones Not as ‘Far Out’ As You Think

This morning I attended a BIMA Breakfast Briefing on Drones and Emerging Tech. It was a really interesting session with presenters Jonny Tooze from Lab, Scott Ross from DigitasLBi, Adam Gee from Channel 4 and Paul Watkins from production house 360 Skylens.  Until this session, the only things I had really seen about drones were the Amazon Prime Air discussions … Read More