The New Normal & what it means for your business

In this ‘New World’ of digital, there is obviously a focus on blogging about the latest developments, videos, thought pieces etc.  It got me thinking that people who are new to digital or trying to learn more, might miss some of the older stuff that is still just as valuable today.  So I am starting an ‘oldies but goodies’ section of my blog to highlight some of the fantastic insight or opinion pieces that I rate.

I saw Peter Hinssen speak at an event last year and I thought he was amazing. This video is a must watch for anyone in business today. Very interesting about the changes needed in both how we structure and think to be successful today.  The world is becoming a network and businesses need to change accordingly.  Peter is right when he says that if you are a bank, your competitor is no longer another bank, it’s a 27 year old kid with a hoody in Silicon Valley – the industry disruption capital of the world.

Now we aren’t all huge corporations but it is just as important in a business, of any size, to think about the world in which you want to trade and how you need to behave to succeed.  Grab a coffee and settle down for 27 minutes of thought-provoking brilliance!

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