Identifying your opportunities for growth & engagement

We work with individuals in the public eye such as influencers, entertainers and athletes, as well as business people to carry out an audit of their social media accounts.

Reviewing your accounts and identifying the best platforms for your content can really accelerate your progress.

How it works

We have an initial chat with you to understand your objectives and the opportunities you are looking to seize.

You give us access to the analytics of your social media accounts – we cover YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and more.

We analyse your following, engagement, the content that you post and your competitors. We then present back recommendations to you to help you achieve your goals – this could be growing your following, increasing sales of your product, collaborating with brands or more.


Briony May Williams

I thought I knew my social media pretty well but the audit Kate did on all my accounts was so thorough and insightful. She’s made suggestions on how to improve engagement, boost posts, plan content and so much more. I was really impressed with the individual feedback for each platform, it has helped me to focus my posts and ensure my content is appropriate. Thank you so much, Kate! Briony May Williams, Presenter & Baker