Ensure that your business can be found

Paid search and SEO

At Kate Hamer Ltd, we love search.  It’s one of the best developments that digital channels have brought.  For a start, when someone searches a particular keyword, it means that they are already interested in seeing relevant results.  How good is that?!  It’s not like display advertising where you are interrupting someone while they are doing something else, like reading an article about their favourite film star, they are proactively looking for an answer to their query.

That’s why you have to make sure that you get search right.  Think of it like a shop, if you were working in a clothes shop and someone came in asking for blue jeans, you would take them straight to your blue jeans.  It would annoy them and they would probably leave if you tried to show them denim jackets or shoes that go with jeans – that wasn’t what they asked for!

There is a lot of skill involved with optimising your website to work for organic (unpaid) search and also building your paid search campaigns.  We can work with you to identify the most relevant keywords for your business and then help you to structure your site to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to navigate.