The Digital Download Podcast Episode 19 cover

It’s another bumper addition after a two week break. Kate discusses developments to advertising for Facebook Messenger bots, new features for instagram stories, the future of Vine, the launch of Snap Inc’s Spectacles and more. She looks at the impact social media had on expectations of the outcome of the Presidential Election. Finally she reviews some of the latest Christmas advertising campaigns and ends with a piece by Jerry Daykin on digital disruptors becoming more traditional in their approach.

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Digital Ad industry growth is driven by Facebook and Google

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Find your nearest Snapbot for Spectacles

Download the new streaming app Hype

The Presidential Election & the Filter Bubble

Starbucks #RedCups

Jameson Snapchat Filter for Movember

Vauxhall Targeted Messages

This gives you an idea – I can’t show an actual personalised one as they seem to have done them as dark posts from their accounts

John Lewis Christmas Advert

The version

Snapchat Filter

Twitter Stickers

John Lewis response to Stop Funding Hate

M&S Christmas Advert

Jerry Daykin’s article on Disruptive Media taking a more traditional approach