Transparency & Influence

Kate discusses the incident with PHD Manchester and Tribe and why there are much better ways to work with influencers.

Quit Playing Games with this Art

Wikipedia page on Marketing

Kate gives her views on The North Face & Wikipedia ‘campaign’ and explains why if you start with the consumer, you never need to play the system.

Everything in Moderation

I’m a bit tired this morning as I sat up ‘til gone 1am watching the National Lottery Twitter account self-combust. They’ve deleted everything now but I’m sure a lot of people have screenshots.  I don’t understand why, in a nation that voted to name a boat Boaty McBoatface (I won’t even mention Brexit) and just a matter of weeks after … Read More

How to be Retweet Wise

Retweet Button Image

I’ve written a piece on the Art of the Retweet before but as I continue to work in this area of communications, I see that this art can become finer and finer. I work with a whole range of clients from large brands to individuals and there are obviously some nuances but broadly the below will apply. This piece is … Read More

Grand National Tweepstake Fun

Twitter Logo

For the last few years I have run a Grand National Tweepstake on my Twitter. It started because now that I no longer work in a big office, I don’t get to play so I thought I would do my own! Here’s how it works: Obviously a normal sweepstake requires people to pay to enter but getting cash off people on … Read More

The Anatomy of a Like

Us human beings like to be liked, sure some of us say we don’t give a stuff what other people think but deep down, we all want people to think we are ok! The phenomenon of the ‘like’ on social media has brought this to the fore. But the ‘like’ is evolving and it is now being used in multiple … Read More