Keeping your kids safe online

Social Media can be a minefield for Parents. For all Social Media platforms the age to be able to join is 13 but I know that there are many children who have accounts earlier. With new channels and apps springing up on a regular basis, it can be difficult for parents to know how they all work and the best way to protect their kids online.

The ideal is obviously to maintain an open conversation with your kids so that at least they tell you when they join the different platforms.

Parents’ Webinars on Social Media

I regularly run webinars for parents to give you an overview of how each platform works and the tools that they have to help you keep your kids safe. This ranges from ways to keep their accounts private to approaches to help them deal with any negativity or fake information on the platforms.

Current sessions cover the following Social Media Platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, HouseParty, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram

Book your place on an upcoming webinar below

It’s free to register and you will recieve a link after the session to pay what you think it was worth. 25% of all monies paid will be donated to FareShare to support school meals in the holidays. Each £1 donation could provide up to 4 meals.

Wednesday Jan 13th 2021 8pm UK time