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Is anyone else seeing more timehop pictures in their news feeds on social platforms than current ones? I’m starting to worry how this could affect the universe! It feels a bit like stars that are already dead but continue to shine down to us on earth. Is there a critical mass of past memories that will make us disappear into a black hole?

Timehop is an app which acts like a time capsule for all your photos and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr and your camera roll photos. I love the idea as a personal service to show you each morning what you were doing a year ago but it’s the sharing back on social that I think gets confusing.

I enjoy Throwback Thursday, that’s a bit of fun to remember someone or something cool. But when every day people are posting pics of this day 1, 3, 4 years ago, alongside others posting pictures of today – I feel like the social media world may combust!

If people keep recycling their timehop pictures and stop taking new ones, eventually we will be living in the past. Like a bunch of senile old codgers in a care home remembering the good old days – at least with accuracy thanks to technology, but still!

It’s bad enough that at historical events, concerts, art etc, we feel the need to capture it on our phones rather than in our memories and our hearts. I am as guilty of that as the next person, I sometimes think there should be an expression for social media similar to ‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’. If I’m at a Live at the Apollo filming but the signal is too poor to post my photo of the ‘Live at the Apollo’ lightbulbs, was I even there? But timehop takes us a step further into the depths of social media where we aren’t even focusing on today, because we are remembering that a year ago today we had a latte in the park and took a beautifully composed picture with a flower!

There is definitely a place for timehop, and Facebook’s recent ‘memories’ function. For significant events it’s lovely to have the memories so accessible and it can be great reminder to you personally about what you have achieved.  But let’s not go too far – let’s stay in the present for at least a few social posts a day?  Or sometimes, and I know this is a wacky suggestion, just enjoy the undocumented moment.

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