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For the last few years I have run a Grand National Tweepstake on my Twitter. It started because now that I no longer work in a big office, I don’t get to play so I thought I would do my own!

Here’s how it works:

Obviously a normal sweepstake requires people to pay to enter but getting cash off people on Twitter would be a logistical nightmare!  So this is free to enter and I have put together some prizes for 1st- 4th place.

1st – £15 Amazon Gift Voucher

2nd – Lego Desk Calendar

3rd – Toiletries Selection

4th  – Chocolate Selection

I will contact the winners after the race and you can DM me the address you want me to send your prize to.

Terms and Conditions

  • To enter just tweet me that you want to enter and I will ‘favourite’ your tweet
  • Once I have 40 entrants the tweepstake will be closed
  • The draw will take place at 8pm Friday 7th April and will be streamed live on Periscope
  • All the entrants are in one tupperware (not quite an FA Draw) and all the horses are in another, I will pick them out one by one. NB this is quite a lengthy procedure so I will also post a list on here after the draw
  • If your horse is withdrawn you will be given the reserve entered in its place

Good luck!

Entrants so far:

@Hop3y – Pleasant Company

@Ol_Foz – Houblon des Obeaux

@PackinWood – Cocktails at Dawn

@wiz52 – O’Faolains Boy

@SachinPatel_87 – Definitly Red

@rederic72 – GoodToKnow

@jonsanjose – Just a Par

@DrMatthew83 – Vieux Lion Rouge

@actualdancrosby – Gas Line Boy

@itsnoel – One For Arthur

@chriscotterill – Tenor Nivernais

@zacktrevandeddy – Wounded Warrior

@titchlyD – Vincente

@martinjhamer – Shantou Flyer

@notformejeff – Wonderful Charm

@uberDaveO – Perfect Candidate

@haddington – The Last Samuri

@alexpanayi23 – Drop Out Joe

@achnabreck – Saint Are

@BroomOwl – Ucello Conti

@MichaelJonF – Saphir Du Rheu

@superchris57 – More of That

@hamer30 – Lord Windermere

@bezthespaniard – Doctor Harper

@Duffy1867 – Roi des Francs

@AboutWild – Bishops Road

@swfcMatt – Double Shuffle

@paulspace – Rogue Angel

@mcfaddencallum7 – Stellar Notion

@JudithHamerLH – Highland Lodge

@4ndrewJames – Thunder & Roses

@desmondo1867 – Blaklion

@Amy_1867 – Cause of Causes

@theoffside10 – Regal Encore

@hamer_JK – La Vaticane

@BrionyLou – Le Mercurey

@Owls2k – The Young Master

@Tom_etherington – Raz de Maree

@Scopey123 – Ballynagour

@nxwgt – MeasureOfMyDreams


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