The Anatomy of a Like

Us human beings like to be liked, sure some of us say we don’t give a stuff what other people think but deep down, we all want people to think we are ok! The phenomenon of the ‘like’ on social media has brought this to the fore. But the ‘like’ is evolving and it is now being used in multiple … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is…a Viral Video

VHS Tapes

Anyone who works in Digital Marketing probably just cringed when they read this headline. Two words that you never want to hear in a demand from your superiors or client…viral video. I’ve been asked several times in my career to produce a viral video and my response is the same – a viral video is not a type of video … Read More

Out of the Ordinary – Utility Brands Entertain Storytelling

Once upon a time...

There seems to be a trend at the moment for TV adverts which are not instantly recognisable by brand. It reminds me of being a kid when I used to play the game where you shout out the brand before it was mentioned in the ad. Have we come back to this as brands start to consider the impact of … Read More