As we go into a second Lockdown, I want to be able to help businesses who are being forced to close their premises. I am therefore offering 4 free 1 hour consultancy sessions each week throughout Lockdown.

Any business or individual can apply for one of these sessions. They can be used to cover any of the following topics:

  • Idea generation for new ways for you to do business
  • Review of an existing website to get advice on making it fit for purpose
  • Discussion on how to create an ecommerce presence if you don’t already have one
  • Review of your social media and advice to maintain a relationship with your customers online
  • How to create a social media presence if you don’t yet have one
  • How to stay in touch with your customers by email
  • Review of your digital knowledge and advice on any training that could be useful – both free training available elsewhere and my bespoke courses